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Max in his wheelchair

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Sarah and family are doing so well with Max. Above are photo's of Max using his wheelchair which was kindly donated by a kind person after seeing the appeal for him. I spoke to Sarah in July and told her how kind everyone had been and that anything she needed for Max was now covered by the donations. Over the next few years I am sure that they are going to need the support of Pound Puppy Rescue and they have it.

Sarah popped in a few weeks ago and I gave her two vet bedding rolls which she said has helped Max. I was also able to put her in touch with a lady who has had two German Shepherds with the same problem so Sarah has someone to go to for advice about coping with a German Shepherd on wheels! Max has all the best love and care from the family, he could not have gone to a nicer home. My thanks to all those who have contributed to making Max's life more comfortable.


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The Story of Max

Some of you may remember the German Shepherd puppies that came into the rescue on the 25th March 2009. We took in two girls and one boy (Max) and 2 weeks later took in their mum Jazz. All the pups had hernias which we paid the vet to sort out. We thought that was their problems solved but about 6 weeks ago Max started getting very wobbly on his back legs and his tail stopped working. Our vet referred him to a specialist in Winchester and he says it is a neurological condition for which there is no cure. Max is so happy and enjoys life and is in no pain whatsoever but he needed a wheeled frame (a dog version of a wheelchair) so that he can get around without dragging his legs along the ground. Currently he wears socks so that he does not wear out his feet when he drags his legs along the floor. We have found a frame for 250 which enables him to stand, walk, and run, also lie down and go to toilet. We also raised money for his hydrotherapy and acupuncture treatments.

To all those that donated, on behalf of Max, thankyou - Jayne

Phone 0773 617 6613 for more information.

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