Trixie the Unwanted Puppy

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Trixie's Story


Trixie was dumped on a lady in Hampshire on New Year's Eve, by a homeless 'friend'. She was seven weeks old then, so her owner can't have had her much longer than a week.

Trixie had trouble forcing any food down, and threw up most of what she did eat. The lady was very concerned and tried the local RSPCA, and every other organisation she could find in the area, but no-one was interested. Searching the internet, she found the Pound Puppy Rescue website and contacted Jayne, who was about to have a dinner with her sister.

Of course Jayne could not turn the little pup away so abandoned her dinner and drove half way up the M27 to meet Trixie.


At home, Jayne discovered that Trixie could keep weaning-food down better than anything else, but there was something wrong with her throat. When she breathed out it puffed up like a bullfrog's. The vet had never seen anything like it before. Cheeky, cuddly Trixie was a welcome guest in her Pound Puppy foster home. She was not old enough to withstand surgery, so the vet just wanted her observed and given reports on her development. Unfortunately, other complications set in and Trixie died.

Some birth defects can be repaired but when a puppy is so small and weak and then her problems cause her not to grow and get weaker even interfering humans cannot overcome nature. We can only say we did our best for Trixie which is more than several other organisations can say.

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Page updated: 20-12-2004
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